"These 3,000 High-Quality Melodies, Drum Samples, And MIDI Will Change The Way You Make Music!"

100% Royalty Free. 98% Off For A VERY Limited Time...

Trusted By Over 15,000 Producers!

"Super fire kit. It has a TON of sounds, it’s crazy. It is just super easy to use" - Skana

“These are the best melody loops, I’ve ever heard in a pack. THE Best." - Adam Pollard

“The drum library has got plenty of drums. It’s crazy. Also, what I really like is the live guitar library.” - Isage Beats

Bro I'm literally amazed how many high quality samples and MIDI there are in this pack. This was easily worth way more and I'm using them in my projects daily. The kicks and drums are really solid as well, overall appreciate you making this and looking forward to copping more packs in the future!

- Niko Kotoulas

The samples and MIDI were really good bro! Definitely worth getting and using them to create beats. Has a lot of ideas and inspiration within the sample pack. Well organised and clearly labeled. The quality and sound of the samples are really good! Every producer definitely needs these samples🔥💯

- RiccyBeatzz

The Producer Growth Kit is a must have for any producer at ANY level! The kit is filled with high-quality samples and MIDI, so there's really no need to mix or add fx, just level and you're good to go! My sample selection game is better because of the Producer Growth Kit! Ya Get Me!

- Larry Ohh

The sample pack is too good! It's big and has a lot of interesting melodies, one shots, and good drums. I would reccomend to all producers, experienced and beginners to have this pack! It's too good, and the combination of instruments means these are ready to become a hit. I need more packs like this!

- Ivan Antic

Who The WavGrind Team Has Worked With💯

We have had the pleasure of working with and producing for top artists including: Kap G, Lil Gotit, Smookey Margielaa, Pressa, Houdini, Lakeyah, Moneybagg Yo and Dj Drama!

We truly mean it when we say our samples and MIDI are industry quality!🔥

Producers, Have You Ever Felt This Way?

Struggling with 'writer's block' and lack of creativity?

Stuck using the same samples making it hard to produce unique, and diverse tracks?

Your hard drive is filling up with unfinished projects, because you get stuck or unmotivated before you finish?

You want to incorporate live instruments or vocals into your tracks, but don't have the time or equipment to do so?

To help you overcome these roadblocks, we created a kit filled with recourses that will level up your music quality, workflow, and more!

Introducing: The Producer Growth Kit

The holy grail for producers looking to have high quality samples and MIDI on demand!

The over 3,000 royalty free melodies (with stems and MIDI), drum samples, drum loops, one shot melody notes, vocals, and live melody loops will ensure:

Your music stands out from the masses of producers who use the same boring chord progressions, presets, and samples.

You don't need to worry about writer's block as you have instant inspiration at your finger tips.

Your listeners will be blown away at the quality and uniqueness of your music!

Total Value: $1,189

Today Only $27


Here Are Some Of The Samples Inside The Producer Growth Kit:

100% Royalty Free. Exclusive To This Pack ONLY. Compatible With All Software And Hardware. Stems And MIDI Included!

Melody Loops

Active 120bpm A flat minor

Ysn Style 138bpm D#min

Ready for the night 98bpm E minor

Idk 109bpm Dmin

Love on replay 80bpm B minor

NBA Guitar 162bpm Amin

Precious C min 93bpm

Melody Loops

Be Mine 135bpm G#min

Bella 130bpm Emin

Bay 140bpm C minor

Gazelle 120bpm Amin

Score 152bpm Cmin

What you say 147bpm A major

YSN x Cubeatz 113bpm F#min

Drum Samples

Kick Demos

Snare Demos

Hi Hat Demos

808 Demos

Perc Demos

Open Hi Hat Demos

Drum Loop Demos

Here's What More Producers Are Saying About The Producer Growth Kit:

"Listen here... The WavGrind Producer Growth Kit is second to none! It will change the way you produce." - Kev Cooper

"It's been 3 days, and I still haven't gotten through all of the things inside this pack!" - Kyle Stokes

"Every kit, every sample is best in the business. It's truly great!" - PDX Beatz

Plus Get 7 FREE BONUSES When You Order Today!

We went all out when creating the Producer Growth Kit. This includes creating 7 unique bonuses that you'll get for free when you get your copy of the Producer Growth Kit. 

You're getting an R&B sample library, live vocals, trap sample library, one shot library, live instrument melody pack, melody course, drum course, and a marketing and networking course!

Here's EVERYTHING You'll Get In The Producer Growth Kit:

The Producer Growth Kit Sample Library - 3,000+ High Quality, Royalty Free Samples And MIDI ($497 Value)

​FREE BONUS #1 - The Vibes R&B Sample Library ($97 Value)

FREE BONUS #2 - The Tempest Trap Sample Library ($97 Value)

FREE BONUS #3 - The "Virtuoso" Live Instrument Library ($140 Value)

​FREE BONUS #4 - The One Shot Melody Library ($97 Value)

FREE BONUS #5 - The Drum Mastery Course ($67 Value)

FREE BONUS #6 - The Producer Melody Course ($67 Value)

FREE BONUS #7​- The Producer Marketing, Branding, And Networking Bundle ($127 Value)

Total Value: $1,189

Today Only $27


The WavGrind 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you decide this kit isn't for you, send an email to support@wavgrind.com and I'll refund you the money on the spot. This is a lifetime guarantee that does not expire under any circumstance. We won't even ask you to delete the pack. 

There's absolutely no risk for you! I don't want anything to stand in the way of you jumping on this opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Samples And MIDI Royalty Free?

Yes! All the samples and MIDI in the Producer Growth Kit are 100% royalty free. This means any streaming revenue, beat sales or placements you get with these samples go to you and you only. You don't need to split sales, pay royalties or credit us at all.

Is There A Lifetime Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! If for any reason you decide this kit isn't for you, just send an email to support@wavgrind.com and I'll refund you on the spot. There's absolutely no risk for you. I'm putting all the risk on us. I don't want anything to get in between us being able to work together.

How Long Does This Offer Last?

This offer is available for a very limited time. Once it's gone it's gone forever. Make sure to get your copy before it's too late.

This Deal Sounds A Little Too Good To Be True. Is There A Catch?

There's no catch! I've made it a mission of mine to provide producers with the best resources possible and to help them succeed in their career. That's why I put together crazy bundles like these so we end up working together for many years to come.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any questions send an email to support@wavgrind.com and I'll get back to you ASAP.  

Here's What More Producers Are Saying About This Pack!

Get Your Copy Of The Producer Growth Kit Today!

Get 3,000 High Quality Samples & MIDI You Can Use To Produce Your Best Tracks Yet

100% Royalty Free So You Never Need To Worry About Sample Clearance, Or Paying Royalties

Compatible With All Software And Hardware

All Melodies & Drum Loop Are Labeled With BPM And Key

You're Getting 7 Free Bonuses When You Order Today!

This Pack Works Well No Matter What Genre Of Music You're Creating

Lifetime 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 

​98% Discount! (limited time)

Total Value: $1,189

Today Only $27


Wait! Read this...

You're probably like me and often skip to the bottom of a website to "cut to the chase". So here's the deal: 

You're getting 3,000 perfectly crafted samples and MIDI as well as 7 free bonuses. They are royalty free, cover multiple genres and styles, and will impress your listeners!

There's no catch, no hidden fees or subscriptions, and if you don't like it we send you a full refund! I guarantee if you get this bundle, you won't regret it. 

If You Don't Like It, It's Free!

You're covered by our 100% lifetime money-back guarantee. If you don't like this kit, email support@wavgrind.com and our friendly customer support team will send you a refund. We won't even ask you to delete the kit. 

98% Discount, Ending Soon.

You can get the Producer Growth Kit for 98% Off! This discount is expiring very soon. Make sure to get your copy before it's gone!

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